Quality Policy

Provide Technical and Professional Assistance Services; Non-Destructive Assays: Field Inspections and Specialized Inspections, and Technological Solutions; with trained and motivated personnel, achieving safety, health and harmony in the workers' environment; guaranteeing our clients the fulfillment of their requirements, providing personalized attention, continuously improving our Quality Management System and complying with the applicable standards, specifications and laws.

Safety and Health at Work Policy

The productive process of SOLDITECA, C.A., consists in the execution of Technical and Professional Assistance Services; Non-Destructive Testing: Field Inspections and Specialized Inspections and Technological Solutions, carried out in the different operational areas of the client and in the internal work center where the administrative activities are carried out, in which the workers remain during their workday. The organization guarantees safety and well-being through:

• Staff training to carry out the tasks they perform (induction, courses, workshops).
• The provision of personal protective equipment required to perform the activities.
• Compliance with standards, procedures, preventive plans and risk assessments.
• Promoting a good organizational climate.
• The safety and well-being of the workers in the organization is a fundamental objective of our Quality Management System.

Environmental Policy

For SOLDITECA, C.A, working in harmony with nature and in strict compliance with the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Laws that regulate Environmental Management, is part of our productive process, for it has established the following objectives:

• Efficient use of natural resources.
• Prevent contamination using processes, practices, techniques, materials, products or services, to reduce their impact on the environment.
• Take appropriate measures to avoid accumulation of wastes and chemicals that lead to unhealthy conditions for workers and the environment.
• Train and raise awareness in the staff on environmental matters and continuously improve their performance.


Lechería, Estado Anzoátegui - Venezuela.


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