• Technical Audits

    Technical Audits in all areas of the Oil and Petrochemical Industry, such as Operations, Maintenance, Materials, Logistics, Transportation, etc., to determine the Operational Reliability of any Organization

  • Combustion and Steam Generation

    Advice and assistance in furnaces, steam generators (boilers) and vent stacks; in addition to the components of combustion, calorific value of fuels, heat transfer, etc.

  • Delayed Coking

    Advice and assistance to Refining Operators, Technicians and Professionals in the processes of obtaining Light Products of high added value, from vacuum residues.

  • Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation

    Advice and assistance to operators and professionals of Crude Oil Refining and / or Improvement.

  • Process Equipment

    Advice and assistance on the equipment used in petroleum processing facilities.

  • Routine Maintenance

    Advice and assistance in the areas of Maintenance, such as: Rotating Equipment, Static Equipment, Pressure Vessels, Electrical Equipment, Instruments, Piping and Accessories.

  • Plants Shutdown

    Advice and inspection during all the activities that are carried out during Plants turnarounds.

  • Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up

    Provision of high expertise professionals in these areas to perform the required activities.

  • Procurement and Materials Management

    Procurement and Materials Management general services such as: Planning, Inventory Control, Warehousing and Customs Services.

  • Hydrogen Generation

    Advice and assistance to operators and professionals in Crude Oil Refining and / or Improvement, generating hydrogen from natural gas.

  • Sulfur Recovery

    Advice and assistance to operators and professionals in Crude Oil Refining and / or Improvement, to obtain the knowledge and expertise, in the process sulfur recovery.

  • Industrial Services

    Advice and assistance to Crude Oil Refining and / or Improvement Operators, Technicians and Professionals to strengthen their knowledge on the importance of Industrial Services (Water, Steam, Fuel Gas, Inert Gas, Electricity and Air) in Process Plants.


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